Dog lane, catching some nice fish!

over the winter and early spring i have been fishing a runs water near me called dog lane, i have fishied it on off for about 3 years, and had carp up to 23lb. since the owner swaped the lakes over it has increased in popularity, so now the carp pool is much beter and has some much bigger carp and a few sturgeon. most the time the carp have been coming at night or ive been on my own so there are a lack of pictures. At dog lane ive found that fishing margins over a moderately baited area works best. Here are a few that i actually got on camera:


My targets for 2010

I have been having a think over christmas holidays, and tryed to decide wat my targets are for 2010, and this is what i ahave come up with.

     1x30lb+ uk carp

     15x20lb+ uk carp

     5x20lb+ river carp

     1x7lb barbel

     2x uk catfish

i will review this at the end of the year and see how i did.

My new uk pb, at napton reservoir

I started on saturday morning with perfect weather conditions, strong winds blowing straight towards me and a dark overcast sky. At 10pm on the saturday night i had my first run, which ended up with a 17lb mirror carp on the bank, which was on a snowman rig in a solid pva bag. I also had a few tench during the night. Then as dawn breaks i have another run and land a 24lb 7oz linear mirror carp, on the same rod. After then the wind dies down and i didnt catch on the sunday night.


beginners luck :)

A few weeks ago i took my mate dom for his first proper nights carp fishing, on the avon. The first night came and dom caught a decent carp at 12lb. Morning came and we both decided to do another night, which was a good idea. As the light faded on the second night, i had a screaming run and landed a 11lb common. Then it was doms chance again, as him rod screamed of and had a hard battle with a river carp, he landed his pb carp at 14lb. then before the session finished i got a 12lb common. We were catching these on mainline cell and dynamite malt chocolate in pva bags, fished at the back bank.

abbey lakes, france

This year saw me and my mate go to abbey lakes in central france, we fished fox pool for the week, with little succses this year. The week started slowly with only 2 runs on the first three nights, and still no carp in the net. we decided for a change of tactics and moved to the shallow water on the other side of the lake. On the forth night my mate landed himself a 36lb mirror carp. The rest of the week was dull with little carp coming out of the lake, no the best weeks fishing, but there is allways next year.


24 hours on the warwickshire avon. 9/7/09

The session started slow due to most of the carp predominantlyfeed at night, then about 9pm i had a run and landed a 4lb bream, and then caught another one soon after. After putting my rods back out, and a few bait changes at 11pm i had a run, and land a 16lb mirror carp. I caught it on mainline cell 15mm boilies, just in the margins. After that i had one more run about 4am, which unfortunately came off. over all a good session :)


i sacked the carp up over night and got some better pictures in the morning.

my 48 hours at linear

I recently went down to linear for 48 hours on brasnose 1, not many people were catching and the trip was quite unsucsessful, my my hard work was rewarded on the second afternoon with a small 6lb mirror carp